i2 integrates DNN and member database for ACR.

When the American College of Radiology contacted i2Integration in late October about switching to an open-source content management system for six of the independent subspecialty societies it manages by the first of the year, CEO John Forsberg knew it was going to be no small task. But he was confident the Lansing-based company was up to it.

That came as good news to Michele Wittling, executive director of three of the organizations. While no organization wants some or all of its online presence to go dark, even temporarily, anything less than a seamless transition was “not an option,” she said.

“We were in the process of sending out our annual dues membership bills, and the switch also coincided with annual membership meetings,” Wittling recalled. “The communications about those events, including activities at RSNA, the largest radiology conference in the world, are on the website. All non-meeting activities of the societies are also on the website.”

Ronni Levine, ACR program coordinator of association services, found i2Integration online and liked what she saw, particularly the company’s experience with DNN.

“We were using a content management system that was rather outdated, and we wanted to take advantage of having to find a new one that was more robust and flexible,” she said. “And we were definitely looking for something that would address the needs of small associations.”

In the eight weeks before the plug was to be pulled on the proprietary CMS system the organizations’ websites operated, five of the societies with a December 31st deadline migrated their content to new sites operated with the open source DNN content management system.

The project included creating new DNN sites for each organization and implementing a new design that is responsive to different devices (PC, tablet, phone). Each site utilized the same design structure, but was modified to give an individualized look and feel. i2Integration also provided training on the administration of DNN and assisted in SEO and content migration questions.

What was i2Integration like to work with? ” I would recommend them, and I have.” Wittling said. “And I don’t recommend people or companies easily.”

“We are not web professionals. That is not what we do. We needed to ask questions and to count on them to not only answer the questions we were asking, but to know the questions we weren’t thinking to ask. We were treated as though they were a partner, that we were valued customers, like they were on our team.”

i2Integration currently is also working on setting up single sign-on between some of the websites and the member database, Avectra, which will allow members to log in once and immediately be logged into Avectra’s netFORUM for member specific (and username/password protected) services.