i2 Designs New Website for Michigan Manufacturers Association.

“We needed somebody to take us by the hand and tell us how not to make the most common mistakes others make on their websites.”

With some 3,000 member companies that employ nearly all of Michigan’s industrial workforce, the Michigan Manufacturers Association’s website gets a ton of traffic every day. It’s the go-to spot for members who need up-to-the-minute industry and legislative information, best practices, employee training resources and more.

But the website hadn’t been updated in more than a decade.

“It was horribly in need of an overhaul,” said Amy Shaw, MMA vice president of communications and marketing. “Our organization is very information-intensive, and we couldn’t even find what we needed to when we wanted it. The new site is built around what members are looking for and helps them feel more connected with us.”

The association’s new website — http://www.mma-net.org — was designed and built by Lansing-based Web development company i2Integration.

The company has nearly 20 years experience as a premier provider of web and IT solutions, including custom web development and IT support for clients in the healthcare, corporate, non-profit, government and business-to-business sectors. Upgrades and improvements to MMA’s website included:

  • In-depth analysis and consulting on the navigation structure of the new website to streamline access to important content Integration with MMA’s existing member database, allowing members to log in and access secure content, receive news and events and sign up for various member subscriptions
  • Migrated the site to DotNetNuke, allowing MMA administrators to handle, in-house, all aspects of content management, site security and collaboration
  • Designed a new logo for MMA to be used for the web and all print material and developed a new graphic design, including an “iPod-like” rotating banner for the home page

“Our goal was to create a showpiece website that would wow MMA’s audience, from the overall design to member-driven functionality,” said John Forsberg, i2Integration president and CEO. “And, using DotNetNuke as the content management system gives MMA the ability to continually grow and evolve the site in the future, which is a high priority for MMA. The final product is one we’re very proud of.” Shaw said MMA feels fortunate to have hired a company with decades of experience for the major redesign and migration.

“It was really important to have someone who could walk us through the process,” Shaw said. “We needed somebody to take us by the hand and tell us how not to make the most common mistakes others make on their websites.

“We had a lot more obstacles than we had anticipated, but i2 was so patient, and so good at helping us understand which side of the equation the problems were on. I can’t say enough about the staff.”