Design & Development

Our Methodology

There are four basic phases assigned to almost every project at i2.

  • Discovery and Road Mapping

A deep dive to understand your needs, challenges, motivations, existing systems, urgency and how all of that affects your organization.

  • Design Thinking

A methodology that prioritizes the needs of the people who will use the solution above all else. We bring design, business and technology teams together to focus on user-centric design, with all stakeholders collaborating, identifying user pain points and uncovering challenges toward building Big Ideas. The goal of design thinking is to take your project’s Big Ideas and turn them into an actionable map with a single, unified team vision. Using that, we craft how your technology solution will look physically, how it will flow efficiently and integrate seamlessly with your organization’s structure and brand.

  • Development

First, your project is organized and tasks are prioritized within our powerful JIRA Agile Development Management System, providing you with a visual road map as well as continuous monitoring of production and release schedules. Next, using Agile, our scheduled work sprints are designed to provide rapid delivery of software components with continual monitoring and input from key stakeholders, allowing the project to quickly adapt to best meet your Big Idea objectives.

  • Support

Once completed, we assist you in the training and support of your solution, as well as listen, test and find new opportunities to make it more effective, relevant and important to your users in the future.

Our Principals

For over 25 years we've been helping organizations build digital solutions to work and sell smarter. Toward that goal, we are guided by these key principals of digital development:

  • Be honest, transparent and accountable.
  • Design for the user.
  • Design for scale and sustainability.
  • Be data driven.
  • Use open standards, open data, open source and open innovation.
  • Reuse and improve.
  • Address privacy and security.
  • Be collaborative.

Our Customer Partnership Models

Our Customer Partnership Models are all designed around flexibility.
We are happy to discuss the best arrangement that will work for your project.

Our Fixed Projects

Set Scope of Work (SOW)
and Fixed Price

Time and Materials

Flexible scope and timeline
Potential lower project cost

Service Level Agreement

On-call, proactive,
cross-functional team

Our Teams

Enterprise SLA Team

This cross-functional team supports clients that have an ongoing development need. In a short period of time, you’re going to think of them as part of your family — the side you get along with.

Agile Development Team

When a sizeable project has a defined scope of work including a start and end date, this is your team.

DevOps Team

Think of this team as your own personal superheroes. When you have an immediate need, send out the bat signal and we’re there.