Review: Dynamic Forms Module for DNN

Need to create an email form, registration form, survey, or any other kind of form you once created as a PDF or paid a programmer to create for you? The Dynamic Forms Module for DNN fits the bill and then some.

We’ve been using the Dynamic Forms Module for a few years now and have put it through its paces, having used it in association, retail, b2b, government and healthcare websites using the DNN content management system.

Key features:
The Dynamic Forms Module for DNN allows non-technical folks to create and manage their own forms. Say you want to create a simple ‘request a quote for information’ form for your website. This module lets you create the fields you want the user to fill out (name, address, email and so on), then set how you want the form processed (emailed to a certain person or people) and send a confirmation and thank you to the visitor. More advanced forms such as event registration are a snap, even those where you can set your own business logic (for instance, the full-day event selected will automatically add the golf outing to the registration). You can also do credit card payment, required fields, have it attach documents and which type to accept, surveys — even complex member surveys where the data submitted is automatically entered into a database that can be viewed or exported to, say, an Excel document. You can also push the data submitted to other databases without having to do any coding. And with the later versions of dynamic forms, the forms are mobile-responsive so they will reformat based on the user’s device.

What it’s useful for:

  • contact forms
  • job postings / resume submission
  • event registration
  • client / member surveys
  • order forms
  • light eCommerce

Because it is such a powerful module, that means there are a lot of tools and functions available. And the more tools available, the more there is to learn. Think of it like using Notepad as your word processor, and now you’ve switched to Microsoft Word. True, lots more features, but also lots more buttons to decypher. As an administrator, the Dynamic Forms module has a much higher learning curve than most other modules and will take time to master. Some of the tools are simple to grasp, but others are not exactly intuitive. In short, it’s going to take some time to master this dragon.

For us old-timers who still remember VCRs, I like to think of the Dynamic Forms Module like setting the clock on the VCR. Yes, it took some time to figure out how to make the thing stop blinking 12:00:00, but once I figured out, from then on it ran perfectly, dutifully recording whatever I told it to. Same with Dynamic Forms. It’ll hum along nicely once configured, but first there’s a decent learning curve to get past.

Link to the Dynamic Forms Module:

Cost (one-time) licensing:
$195.00 per DNN instance. Can be used across multiple portals within the same instance.