Quest to go paperless.

As one of just a few commercial mills in the country that still uses water as a power source, King Milling turns wheat into flour the old-fashioned way.

But the more-than century-old company is blazing a technological trail aimed at streamlining procedures and saving money, time and more than a few trees.

Lansing-based i2Integration created a new website for the company utilizing the DNN content management system and plug-in modules to provide King Milling with complete, enterprise-wide form and workflow management capabilities.

Designated employees now can create and track work orders, new forms and workflow processes on their own, as well as migrate additional paper-based forms into the new system — without the need for IT staff.

“We used to hand-write all this stuff,” said company spokesman Jeff Barber. “Now it’s available to everyone who is on our Intranet, and we can go right to the computer and see what’s done and how it was done.”

“The workflow system is a huge leap forward for King Milling in their quest to go paperless,” said John Forsberg, i2Integration’s CEO.

“By choosing an open source system as the foundation, we were able to easily make the minor modifications needed to meet their needs,” Forsberg said. “And they can migrate other paper-based processes entirely by themselves. In fact, the system has only been in place a few weeks and they are already adding new forms.”

Barber said the company has added a customer complaint form, and is looking to add several other documents that can be easily shared by those working on the same projects.