Our Story

1971 1971

Forsberg Group, Inc.

i2Integration was founded in 1994, but our story began in 1971, when Jack Forsberg established Forsberg Group, Inc. as a full-service advertising agency in Lansing, Michigan. Jack was CEO, and his wife, Midge was bookkeeper. The duties of their 4-year-old son, John Forsberg, focused primarily on pushing Hot Wheels cars around the conference room floor.

1984 1984

John's First Job

Fast-forward to 1984: While home sick from high school, John’s mother made a proposal: “Our typesetter quit,” she told him. “If you can learn to type 25 words a minute accurately by next week, we’ll hire you at $6 per hour.” At the time, young John had been submitting applications at nearby fast-food restaurants where the going rate was about half that, so typesetting seemed a more lucrative prospect. With a used typewriter and a how-to book, John taught himself to type and officially joined the company.

John worked days at the ad agency and studied his passion in the evenings: computer programming and systems analysis. Over time, his daytime duties shifted from typesetting to graphic design, video production and script-writing.

1994 1994

i2Integration is born

It all came together in 1994 with the formation of the internet. That’s when John formed a division of the family ad agency — i2Integration — dedicated to website development. But he saw i2 as capable of far more, which is reflected in the company’s name.

He explained: “The i2 means Internet and Intranet; the integration of our clients’ internal systems and processes with their external websites and apps.”

2000 2000

Evolution of i2

John considers himself fortunate to have hired some of the best to share his vision, those who see technology and the web as a lifestyle rather than a job.  i2Integration has grown and evolved, adding new technologies and services as the web has evolved, and has worked with some of the largest organizations across the globe, designing, building and supporting their web-based systems.

2018 2018

i2 gets a new facility

With business and staff continuing to grow, the company moved in late 2018 to a custom facility just outside Lansing, where John prefers the bustle of the production room over an office.

“All the best ideas originate from there,” he said. “All I have to do is stay out of their way, be quiet and listen.”