Opigno LMS

Development and Support Services

What’s not to love about the Opigno LMS.

1: it’s built on the drupal platform which is a time tested and proven system.
2: it’s open source, which means we can tailor it to whatever need, and
3: it’s free!

From our experience, there are times when Moodle is a great LMS, and there are times when Opigno is the better choice. The decision is typically based on the level and type of customization needed. Need just a few tweaks and you’re good-to-go? Moodle is great. Need to integrate the LMS with an internal CRM, member database, accounting system, single sign-on, etc.? Opigno might be the right choice.

We have some history in that department… installing, implementing and customizing Opigno LMS systems. Contact us to find out more!

Our Opigno Support Services include:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Customization
  • Integrating Opigno with third-party applications and databases
  • Hosting
  • Single Sign On
  • On-Demand Support

Opigno Features:

  • Course Management – group courses into classes, set prerequisites, set workflow, create certificates
  • Secure – powerful and flexible security architecture with the ability to add users, roles and assign persmissionsSimple user interface design – do what you need to do quickly and efficiently
  • Multimedia – integrate video and audio files
  • Powerful content and collaboration tools – integrate forum, surveys, videoconference, statistics, messaging, chat and more
  • eCommerce – sell subscriptions
  • Personalized dashboard – organize your content the way you like it
  • Knowledge base tools – forums, files, wikis, glossaries and all the tools to inform and collaborate
  • Calendar – track courses and related events
  • Notifications – be alerted to updates, forum posts, private messages and more
  • LDAP – Active Directory integration
  • Customizable design – make it look the way you like
  • Supports open standards – SCORM compliant

From certification to self-assessment, classroom to knowledge management, let us see if Opigno is right for your application.