Moodle LMS

Development and Support Services

Moodle is one of the most used LMS systems out there, with nearly 80 million users worldwide. Why? Because it was built to be user-friendly, powerful and (perhaps most importantly), customizable.

We love Moodle. Some of our best friends are Moodles! And for non-profits and associations, it can be an ideal choice for a simple, quick and well-featured LMS for member training, assessment, certifications and more.

When us for Moodle development?

When you need Moodle to do more, whether that’s integrating with a separate legacy system, implementing single sign on or other needs that stretch beyond what comes straight out of the Moodle box, we are the people to turn to. We turn vanilla Moodle into a truly tailored and powerful solution.

Our Moodle Support Services include:

  • Installation
  • Branding design / integrating Moodle with the look-and-feel of an existing website
  • Administration and development training
  • Moodle customization
  • Single Sign On (SSO) development between Moodle and various open source content management systems including WordPress, Drupal and DNN
  • Integrating Moodle with third-party applications and databases
  • Mobile application integration and development
  • Moodle hosting
  • On-demand Moodle support

Moodle Features:

  • Simple user interface design – do what you need to do quickly and efficiently
  • Learning path – design and manage courses and workflow
  • Multimedia – integrate video and audio files
  • Personalized dashboard – organize your content the way you like it
  • Knowledge base tools – forums, files, wikis, glossaries and all the tools to inform and collaborate
  • Calendar – track courses, deadlines, group meetings and personal events
  • Notifications – be alerted to new assignments, deadlines, forum posts, private messages and more
  • Progress reports – whether an educator or a student, track progress and completion
  • Customizable design – make it look the way you like
  • Secure – powerful and flexible security architecture with the ability to add users, roles and assign permissions
  • Multilingual – allows students to view content in their language
  • Supports open standards – including IMIS-LTI and SCORM
  • Plug-Ins – ability to download and install add-ons to Moodle
  • Custom outcomes and rubrics – select from advanced grading methods or customize
  • Privacy – teach and share in a private space

Most of all… Moodle is open source and customizable, allowing us to make Moodle work how you want it to work for you organization.