“It’s empowering.”

Every time Diane Pelak wanted to make a change to her company’s Web site, she had to call her Web developer.

“It would cost me five hundred bucks,” she said. “The other thing that was so frustrating was that it took so long, sometimes six weeks.”

Sound familiar?

Pelak, president and CEO of Flexchecks.com, a payroll processing and benefit administration company, solved both those problems when she hired i2Integration to migrate her existing .Net site to DotNetNuke, a free, open-source content management system.

“It makes it really easy for me to make instant changes now,” Pelak said. “It’s empowering.”

Those simple changes were crucial. Flexchecks.com is a busy Web site. Thousands of employees and clients use it every day, whether to check balances, submit claims or participate in Web-based time keeping.

With DoNetNuke, the company has the ability to edit content in-house versus paying for external development time For example, Flexchecks was paying a Web developer up to three hours for a simple .pdf upload, where now they can do it internally. Can make same-day changes, versus requesting changes that previously could take days or weeks. Has the flexibility to add off-the-shelf features.

“Giving power to the client to update their own Web site is where DotNetNuke really shines, which is why we’re such strong supporters of it,” said John Forsberg, i2Integration CEO. “Plus, besides the obvious cost-effectiveness, the real benefit is that our clients are creating more content – specifically, more relevant, timely content – on their Web sites. That’s what brings in viewers, and ultimately, makes a Web site successful.”