iMis Development

i2Integration has worked with ASI’s iMIS member management system for years, developing custom applications and integration projects for associations and non-profits across the United States.

Our iMIS Capabilities

Our iMIS development, customization, consulting and hosting solutions include Custom application development, upgrade assistance, integration and single sign-on with various CMS systems, including DNN, training and hosting.

iMIS Template Design & Coding

From iMIS 10 to RiSE, we have worked with association clients for many years in designing new templates for iMIS, whether that’s creating an entirely new look, or simply modifying an existing template so that your iMIS site closely matches the look-and-feel of your main site.

iMIS Customization & Integration

Every association operates differently from another, including how your members are categorized, internal business operations, accounting practices and so on. Off-the-shelf, iMIS is powerful – but iMIS’ primary strength is in its ability to be customized (sometimes heavily so) to fit your association needs.

We’re going to date ourselves here, but i2Integration has worked in providing iMIS customization services going back to the days before iMIS was in a SQL database. You know, ancient times (in truth, it was the ’90s). Point being, we know iMIS and have worked with it for years. We know its strengths and weaknesses and how to modify it to make it hum for your association.

Single Sign-On for iMIS

No more managing multiple user accounts over multiple applications and websites. For many years, i2Integration has implemented single sign-on solutions between iMIS and various other systems, including CMS and CRM, allowing association members to seamlessly login, pay dues, update their profile, etc. – all through their singular account via iMIS.

iMIS Upgrade Support

If you’re looking to make the jump to iMIS 20, we can help. Whether that’s an upgrade from your existing iMIS10 or iMIS15, or looking to migrate from e-Series to RiSE, we have the experience and history of taking you to ASI’s latest and greatest.