i2 Takes Reins of Mousetrap Mobile Apps and Services

Lansing, Mich.— A Detroit-area mobile strategies agency will transition its applications and services to Lansing-based information technology company, i2Integration. The transition comes after the unexpected death of Mousetrap’s founder and president, Greg Nasto.

Mousetrap’s core services included web and graphic design, mobile apps, text (SMS) messaging, social media management and online digital marketing for associations.

“To ensure that Greg’s dream lives on and our service continues, we have been working closely with i2Integration,” said Jessica MacConaghy, Mousetrap Mobile’s former project manager. “i2 has been working with associations for 20 years, so we knew they have the means, capability and experience to take this on quickly. We also felt strongly that i2 has the standards and morals that reflected our own, so we were very confident that this was a great fit to move forward.”

John Forsberg, CEO of i2Integration, was introduced to Nasto through the tight-knit association community.

“I got to see over the years how he and his staff built a hard-earned reputation for their work and responsiveness,” Forsberg said. “Our mission now is to continue that level of excellence.”

In the months ahead, i2Integration will complete the various projects in-progress for the association conference season.

Forsberg said i2 will begin to gather feedback from its new clients, evaluate the various mobile applications and begin to lay out plans for improvement and expansions for 2017.