i2 Update During Coronavirus and White Board Tool We’re Using to Work Remotely

(Partial Transcript)

Hey guys, it’s John Forsberg from i2Integration. We’re now in a lock-down for the state of Michigan. At i2, we’ve actually been remote for a week now. So everybody’s working from home.

For the day-to-day stuff we’re using Microsoft Teams and Zoom (obviously) and Slack for some things, but the one thing I wanted to mention that’s a tool we’ve been using for the last year that’s been really cool is (and have been using a lot in the last week) is a product called Miro, which allows you to do white boarding. People can jump on and see what they’re doing. They can share documents. They can do organizational charting. So, where we’ve been doing a lot of meetings talking about process, Miro has been an awesome tool for that.

I suggest it because we’re all going to be working remote for a while.

Check out Miro at https://miro.com.