i2 Provides Roadmap to Streamline Course Registration

Michigan Virtual, a Michigan-based K-12 online learning solution provider, came to i2 with a challenge. The current process for students and professionals to register for online courses was confusing due to legacy workflow and technology issues. MV turned to i2 to find a way to streamline the workflow as well as the various user interfaces and technologies to eliminate potential roadblocks to registration.

Over the course of several weeks, i2 conducted an in-depth collaborative Roadmap with MV, identifying:

  • User personas, their pain points and motivations
  • Current technologies utilized and their integration capabilities
  • Workflow analysis for internal operations
  • Long-term strategic and technology goals

From there, i2 developed a series of user scenarios showing how the current, individualized registration processes could be consolidated into a unified system. A series of clickable prototypes were designed and provided to definitively illustrate how the new registration would flow for MV’s customers, and their internal administrative staff.

With approval of the prototypes, i2 then provided a detailed development cost analysis and production timeline for the new system.

MV was thrilled with the result, providing their team with a comprehensive and unbiased roadmap to begin development.