i2 Labs

We're building the future.

The speed of change in our industry is staggering

i2Labs is dedicated to building new mobile and web-based software solutions. This includes everything from association management system development to event management, connected vehicle apps and mobile platforms.

To keep pace and have an eye on the future, i2 has dedicated a portion of our work over the last 20 years to finding and building new technologies that will help us and our clients work smarter.

Identifying and adopting new platforms

An example for us would be the use of the powerful DNN CMS.

Finding new web-based tools

AM Charts, for example, have proven to be a powerful addition for data visualization.

Utilizing new coding platforms

For mobile application development, Vue has proven to improve development speed and quality.

This is where we get to play.

Want to know what’s coming next for the web and mobile technology? Keep an eye out here.