Analytics Reveal ORGPRO Mobile App Engagement.

The results are in for the ORGPRO 2017 mobile app! i2Integration – the creator of the event mobile app found:

  • 69%: of event attendees registered on the mobile app
  • 12,882: mobile app views during ORGPRO 2017
  • Exhibitor Bingo: The #2 most viewed featured on the app (even ahead of the Agenda listing!)
  • 63%: the percentage of iOS users versus Android users

“Our members were comfortable using the app to select their sessions, locate the rooms for those sessions, and use the gamification feature to meet sponsors. As an added benefit, we were able to reduce the amount of paper distributed and wasted during the event. Thank you i2Ingegration for creating an app that made MSAE shine. I know you will do so for our members too.”

  • Cheryl Ronk, CAE, CMP, President, Michigan Society of Association Executives

From a laptop in the lobby or a cell phone in the coat room – quite literally the day of the event – you can modify content that will be instantly distributed out to your apps for Apple and Android phones using with the recent release of i2Integration’s new generation of mobile apps for associations. Just as important: you don’t need to be a computer geek. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you’re set.