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Maximize Developer Engagement


You need developers creating apps that integrate with your product data and, in turn, get that information out to your potential customers. It takes more than just posting a Software Development Kit; it takes a comprehensive, proactive approach to recruit, manage and support developers to maximize their success... so they can maximize yours.


i2Integration provides the people, the process and the systems to get the most out of your developer network program – from management to marketing, to analytics and online tools. We recruit them, teach them, support them, get them building... and get them deploying.








Have a powerful resource to recruit and support developers to get your information to market.


Your Developers

Your Developers

Receive consistent, effective support and the tools needed to get the job done.


Your Customers

Your Customers

Acquire quality apps that integrate quickly and efficiently with your products.




System Features 


Developer Portal

Developer Portal

A fully dynamic, global developer website portal, dedicated to supporting new and existing developers to create apps for your business.

  • Full featured, easy-to-use Content Management System for daily site administration 

  • New developer recruitment and registration 

  • Secure SDK and technical documentation access 

  • Secure threaded discussion forum 

  • News and events

App Catalog

App Catalog

The i2Developer's Global App Catalog Database acts as a repository of metadata, which can be accessed by your developers, your consumers or your own organization via the App Catalog API.

For Developers:

  • Ability to create, manage and submit new apps for review, where they may then be launched into the various mobile app stores around the world

  • Manage and submit app descriptions including screenshots, language support, voice commands and more

For Your Business:

  • Ability to review, manage and schedule developer-submitted apps in order to deliver key and consistent catalog information across your multiple digital properties, such as marketing and owner support websites

For Consumers:

  • Ability to browse apps available in their country and language, and to receive instructions for download and installation of those apps

Native Mobile App

Native Mobile App

A native mobile app for iOS and Android devices that provides a dynamic, regionalized collection of all approved developer apps for your organization, allowing consumers quick and easy access through a single app.

  • Consistent marketing message: Data is pulled from centralized App Catalog API

  • Geo-Location: Apps displayed based on consumer’s location and language

  • App Advertising: Developers have the option to prominently feature their app as "New" or "Must-Have" in the Mobile App Catalog

  • Analytics: App traffic tracking



With i2Developer, you can manage, categorize, secure, analyze and export your registered developers. In addition, the system is built to be customized to integrate with third-party CRM systems, including SalesForce.



Real-time reporting of:

  • Developer registration and traffic

  • Visitor traffic

  • Public site traffic

  • Secure site traffic

  • Document downloads

  • Web event traffic

  • SDK downloads

Global, Targeting Reach

Global, Targeted Reach

The i2Developer System allows you to target specific geographical locations as needed. Do you have operations in Brazil, China or Europe? A “branch” of the system can be rolled out to serve each market individually, including localized language support, while headquarters manages overall content and can generate reporting of key traffic and trends.

Stability and Speed

Stability and Speed

The i2Developer system is built with integrated load balancing and redundancy, providing developers and consumers with optimized speed and stability in their individual regional markets, while giving you peace of mind that if there is a problem, the system can adapt and shift traffic to other regions accordingly.

Turn-Key System Hosting

Turn-Key System Hosting

  • Designed for large-scale, high-traffic web, app and API hosting

  • Established for regional bandwidth optimization

  • Data centers in United States, Beijing, Tokyo



.NET-based with MS SQL Server back-end and a strong API, the i2Developer System can be fully customized to fit your needs. This includes:

  • Front-end UI/UX customization

  • Single sign-on implementation

  • Custom reporting

  • New feature development

  • Third-party database integration


Service Features 


Onboarding Services

Onboarding Services

  • Consistent messaging, direct contact and distribution of development information to potential developers

  • In-depth interview of potential developer to assess their size, scope, capabilities, funding, timelines, network ties, opportunities and progress

  • Placement of developer information into a centralized CRM for ongoing management

  • Permission granted to secure development portal, including SDK, forum and direct (i2) contact and developer support

  • Lead status and trend reporting

Support Services

Support Services

  • Support throughout the development lifecycle

  • Enrollment in development Project Management System (JIRA) for issue/support tracking

  • Weekly status meeting

  • QA testing and review

Deployment Services

Development Services

  • Support of app publishing

  • Placement of app data in centralized catalog with API

  • Analytics reporting (Developer and Client)

  • As-needed support

  • Quarterly QA review



Build the success of your developer network, ensuring increased product visibility and revenue.

Nuture developer relationships to find new opportunities.

Release better apps to market, faster.

Create new and happy customers.









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