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eCommerce Development


eCommerce is critical to the growth of your organization. It can also seem overwhelming.

  • How should the products be organized, categorized, searched and displayed?

  • How easily and seamlessly can visitors register and pay for an event?

  • What eCommerce applications should be used that allow for flexibility and growth?

  • What credit card gateways should be utilized based on cost, efficiency and ease-of-integration?

Nearly every website we create today has an eCommerce component to it. From product purchasing to event registration, dues payments and direct download purchases, we have seen it… and worked with it all.   Our clients include associations, retail, healthcare, government and business-to-business, and with each their eCommerce needs are different, from the front-end purchase, to the back-end payment processing. We can help find the right solution, or build the right application that meets your specific needs.


Ecommerce Strategy

This step is critical and involves choosing the right technology, organizing product categories, migrating product data, integrating with other systems, planning for growth and flexibility… the list goes on. Here, we can help find opportunity, avoid pitfalls and lay the groundwork for your ecommerce needs.


Convert a potential customer into a paying customer… quickly, easily and efficiently. Doing that involves creating a powerful (yet simple) user interface. And that’s where wireframing comes in. From the catalog to the shopping cart, search results to product details, we develop the layout to streamline the browsing and buying experience.


From website and mobile ecommerce, to point of sale systems, over the years we have implemented tailored solutions for our clients. Some of those projects have including building custom applications from scratch, or utilizing (and modifying) off-the-shelf ecommerce applications. Either way, our development team is willing and able.


Your ecommerce needs may be small (a few products), or large (several thousand products). We have utilized ecommerce technology for both ends of the spectrum. A little name dropping of systems we know well: CATAlooK, SmithCart, AspDotNetStorefront, Bigcommerce,, PayPal, Skipjack…and the list goes on.


An ecommerce application does not operate in a vacuum. In most cases, your ecommerce will need to integrate with other various systems, including your CRM, inventory, content management, document management, member database, and others. Not to blow our horn but… we rock at that.


Sometimes you just need a technology shoulder to lean on. If you have an existing ecommerce system that’s giving you trouble, we have a development team at the ready, whether you need help with coding, the product database, reporting, front-end changes or help in migrating data.



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