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We don’t just design eye-catching websites. Our designs are call-to-action driven with a focus on navigation, content and functionality, as well as the technical aspects needed to maximize search engine optimization (SEO)... all working together into a well-organized (and don't forget eye-catching!) website.




Website Redesign: Our Methodology for Success

If you could narrow down the essence of i2Integration into a single word, that word would be thorough. Thorough in how we meticulously pre-plan a website redesign project, how we design the site, implement it, project manage it, and support the client both during and after the project.

That thoroughness saves our clients from false starts, blown timelines and cost-overruns. That makes for both a happy client... and a successful website.

Our website redesign methodology has been well-honed and organized into 4 key stages: Design. Develop. Promote. Support. These are not only stages, but also a methodology that is woven and incorporated into each individual task and facet in a website redesign project.
For example, let's look at navigation:
  • Design: Is the navigation clear and intuitive? Is it well-structured?
  • Develop: Does the navigation function the same on both PC and mobile devices?
  • Promote: Are the page titles effective for SEO? Does it have an SEO-friendly URL?
  • Support: Is the navigation designed for growth as new services, pages and content are added in the future?

That’s just one example of our methodology that is built into the dozens of important tasks in a website redesign project, all working in concert to make your site a success.


Requirements Gathering & Analysis

Here we ask the big questions. Who is the target audience? What are the key features or content that draw people to the existing website? In what areas do you anticipate growth in the future? What systems will the future website need to interact with? Are there regulations and policies that need to be met?

We also analyze your current processes to identify inefficiencies such as dual database entry and management, ecommerce processing, user management and content updating. From there, we brainstorm and consult with our clients to find ways to streamline, integrate or eliminate processes.

As a website (and an organization) is always changing, we also review where your website needs to be in the future and analyze what infrastructure and technology is required in order to lay the foundation for future growth and functionality.

Scope of Work Documentation

Once requirements gathering and analysis is complete, we then create what is referred to as a ‘scope document’. The scope document is a detailed, itemized outline of each phase of development and provides clear documentation so that both i2Integration and our client are united as to the project’s goals, features, timeline and cost.

Kick-Off Meeting

The kick-off meeting is when we bring everyone to the table to coordinate the upcoming project, discuss timelines, responsibilities, project management and reporting. It is also the time to begin coordinating the creation of the test website as well as gathering any and all assets that will be required, such as databases, new content, logos, etc.

Wireframing & Layout

In this stage we begin the process of prototyping the website. This includes creating wireframes of the various page templates in order to determine the approximate layout of key elements such as navigation, search tools, social media links, primary and secondary content, etc.

We discuss colors, images and general style, as well as review comparable websites in your industry. We also look at your competitors to see what they may be doing right, and where opportunities could be found to exploit what they may be doing wrong.

Graphic Design

From there we begin creating the initial designs of the various pages. These involve:

Home page. The focus of the page is to pull your audience in, guiding them quickly to key areas that tie-in with your stated goals. Think of the home page as a billboard where you have 3-5 seconds for your audience to know who you are, what you do, and where to go.

Landing pages. These act as sub-home pages, providing a centralized location for organized content, and a simple “go to” location for your audience when it comes to information gathering and navigation.

Content pages. Here the page is designed toward the most critical element of your website: your content. The content page is also designed to allow your audience to quickly access an action, whether that is contacting you for more information, purchasing a product or service, or registering for an event.

Content Management Systems

The foundation of any successful and dynamic website is the content management system (CMS). Since 2004, every website i2Integration has developed has incorporated a CMS, which gives our clients the ability to manage all aspects of the website – from page creation to content, security and traffic reporting.

i2Integration is extremely well versed in several CMS platforms, including DNN, Drupal, WordPress, SharePoint, and others. In this stage, the approved graphic design is coded into the selected CMS which has been installed and configured at a “staging” location, allowing our clients to securely view the website during its development. Content styles such as headers, bullets, body copy, link colors and more are developed and reviewed so that all content is consistent throughout the website.

Customization (Application Development)








SEO and Marketing



Our relationship with our client does not end when the website goes live.

Whether our clients need refresher training, a new custom feature, or they simply need a bit of advice, i2Integration provides immediate, on-going support and consulting services. In this, they talk directly to the person in our facility who knows the most about their specific question – whether that’s in design, coding, marketing, IT or SEO.


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