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Mobile Application Development


OK, we're going to date ourselves a bit here, but way back in 2001 we began developing mobile applications. Back then they were simple apps on simple phones: click only this, display only that. At the time, it was pretty cool. 
Oh, how far we’ve come.
But with advancement, there are also new choices and strategies when it comes to mobile. And the term “mobile” itself takes on broad meaning – and implications. Mobile may be as simple as making your website mobile responsive. Mobile may be an application that runs on a traditional browser and optimized for a mobile device. Or, mobile may be an actual application developed for the iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone platforms. All have their pros and cons based on your need, strategy, budget and plans for future growth. 
What you need is someone to help you navigate the constantly shifting river that is all-things-mobile. We can help.



Mobile Strategy

You have a mobile idea. We have the needed experience to get you there. First, we can help choose the right platform and method that best balances the technical needs of your app, with the audience you are trying to reach, as well as the cost-effectiveness and scalability for future growth.


The old saying, “measure twice, cut once” has saved many a project. The same principal applies to mobile design. Wireframes, like blueprints, allows us to plan out the app, streamlining navigation and functions to best optimize the user experience – as well as keep the mobile project on task, and on budget.

Mobile Development

This is where the rubber hits the road. From here we design the front-end (what the mobile user sees), and the back-end (all the code that takes place behind the scenes). In most cases, the back-end also involves tying your mobile application to other systems, whether that’s your CRM, AMS, or other legacy systems you have in place.

ioS Development

Have you been to a meeting lately where someone doesn’t have an iPhone or iPad? These Apple devices have now become so ingrained in our daily business lives that they’ve become a part of the infrastructure. We can help build apps for iOS and migrate your key business operations over to this new infrastructure.

Android Development

In the mobile environment, Google Android is growing fast. One of Android’s strengths is in its ease of publishing out a new app. That can save real time and money versus an iOS app. Whether your app is being built solely for Android, or being jointly developed between iOS and Android, we can provide the development team to help.

Responsive Web Design

A mobile responsive website is no longer a nicety, but a necessity. Traffic reports show the truth: that a large majority of the visitors arriving to your site are coming via mobile devices. How your site is designed, how the navigation is structured, how the content is displayed and how the site reconfigures itself based on the device, all play critical roles. We have the coding, design and experience to get you there.


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