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Learning Management System Services

There are all kinds of LMS systems out there. Some are proprietary, some open source – some simple, some insanely complex. Which do you choose? That’s where we come in. From proprietary to open-source LMS systems such as Moodle and Opigno, we’ve been working with various LMS systems for years. We know what’s out there and how to best leverage the tools available to fit your specific need.


Our LMS Focus

We’re the ones to turn to when your LMS needs to integrate with a third-party application or database, work seamlessly with your CRM or member database, provide single sign-on capability or requires customization to meet a specific need.


Our LMS Services


  • LMS Consulting – working with you to choose the right solution
  • Implementation – installing and configuring the LMS, whether on-site, a third-party host or in the cloud
  • LMS Customization – back-end development to enhance the functionality of your LMS 
  • LMS Integration – integrating your LMS installation with other third-party applications and databases
  • Branding – front-end User Interface and User Experience design and programming
  • Training – user and administration training 
  • Single Sign-On – implementing solutions to allow users to log into the LMS through a centralized account


Open Source LMS Systems We Love


Moodle: the leader in open source LMS implementations. Excellent right out-of-the-box. 

Opigno: a powerful LMS that is ideal when heavy customization is required.

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