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Data Integration


With 5 minutes and a credit card you can implement an entirely new system for your organization. It might be Constant Contact, SalesForce, Office 365, Quickbooks or a thousand other applications.
That’s great! But the downside is once you’ve implemented these systems, how do you get them all to talk to one another? How do you eliminate data redundancy, multiple user accounts and streamline efficiency?


This is where we can help. Bridging various systems and their back-end data is one of the core aspects of our business. This includes:

  • Single sign-on development
  • API development
  • Custom data integration development
  • Custom data reporting and analytics development
  • Integration of website CMS with SaaS applications

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What we're working on right now

Salesforce Integration

For: automaker client.
Where: Detroit, MI

Teacher Evaluation Application

For: technology client.
Where: Pennsylvania

Web Application Development

For: state government.
Where: Lansing, MI


Learning Management System

For: association client. 
Where: Michigan

Peer Review Application

For: healthcare client.
Where: Michigan

eCommerce Development

For: large retail company.
Where: Virginia




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