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Customer Engagement Analytics


You have a website, a CRM, an email marketing system, an accounting system, perhaps an eCommerce app, and a few other systems tailored to your organization.

The problem is, each of these systems contain their own individual buckets of data. That’s fine, but when it comes to viewing, analyzing and anticipating the engagement of your customers, you need all those buckets working together.

You need the ability to track an email campaign with your CRM or member database, and then track how that user then accessed your website and whether or not they completed a registration form for an upcoming event.  

That’s analytics. And that’s where we help our clients answer the big questions:

  • Which segment of our client base in our CRM is getting the most traffic in our email campaigns?
  • With annual dues coming up, which members have gone dormant over the last 6 months?
  • Why are clients from one region choosing certain products over another?
  • Are users getting confused about how to use our online form, and is that why they aren’t completing it?


To get those answers, it takes pulling all of the buckets of data together into an integrated solution. That’s our passion. And that’s why the word integration is in our name.


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