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We live and breathe DotNetNuke (DNN).

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who knows more or works more in DNN than we do. At least, that's what our clients tell us! For over ten years we've been developing, designing and consulting on hundreds of DNN sites and custom module development projects across the globe, for associations, healthcare, business-to-business and government. To-date, we have developed over 500 DNN website worldwide.


Why DNN? It's powerful. When your site needs to integrate with another system, needs single sign-on, or requires advanced features that require customization.... this is where DNN shines. And we're working with it every single day.



DNN Solutions

We love DNN, but as many of our clients know, DNN doesn’t do it all. There are times when customization is required, whether that’s modifying an existing module, creating a new module from scratch, or integrating it with a 3rd-party system.

Our in-house experts are well-versed in the language of DNN, knowing its ins-and-outs, what pitfalls to avoid and how to optimize a module’s development for speed and flexibility. And we do this for clients all over the world, from small business to Fortune 500 companies.



Self-Assessment Modules

i2Integration has custom-built multiple self-assessment modules for DNN, allowing users to access, perform and analyze results, as well as for administrators to perform process workflows and reporting.

Buyers Guide

This custom module allows our association client to sell buyers guide advertising, manage ads, and allows association members to search buyers, change their profile information and purchase advertising.

Authentication Providers

From single sign-on to applications such as SalesForce, iMIS and others, to LDAP integration (long before it was standard in DNN), i2Integration has developed many customized authentication provides, linking DNN with 3rd-party applications.

Dealer Locator

This custom module allows a manufacturing company’s customers to locate dealers by a variety of search criteria, including a mile-radius range of zip codes. Dealer data was migrated from an existing database over to DNN where company administrators could then manage and maintain the data from within DNN.


i2Integration developed a custom dealer CRM module for a large Fortune 500 company, allowing authorized users to view leads, create email or direct print marketing campaigns and submit these campaigns for processing and distribution.

Event Registration

There are many event registration modules out there, but in some cases, they don’t fit the specific needs of the client. Over the years, i2Integration has developed, customized and integrated numerous event registration modules for our non-profit and government clients.

Client Portal

i2Integration created a custom module to serve as a client portal for a veterinary firm, allowing authorized customers to login and view medical information about their pet, upcoming appointments, reminders, and access to kennel webcams – giving them the ability to remotely view their pet while staying at the kennel.



DNN Integration

A DNN website typically does not stand alone. In many cases, you need it to integrate seamlessly with other applications, whether that’s data reporting, profile management, ecommerce, CRM and more.

i2Integration has extensive experience in integrating DNN with third-party applications, as well as our client's existing legacy database systems. Examples include:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SalesForce
  • iMIS
  • Avectra
  • PayPal
  • MLS
  • Skipjack
  • Protech



eCommerce for DNN

Nearly every DNN website we create integrates some form of eCommerce that is specific to our client’s needs and the market they serve.

Our experience includes developing, customizing and integrating eCommerce solutions – whether that is a module that we create from scratch, customizing an existing off-the-shelf module, or integrating a custom solution with a 3rd-party application.

eCommerce for Associations

Projects have included ecommerce modules for dues payments, event registration, member renewal notification and payment, member training and advertising / classified purchasing.

eCommerce for Retail

Projects have included product catalogs, shopping carts, order tracking and order fulfillment for products ranging from a few dozen, to tens of thousands.eCommerce for Healthcare

Projects have included bill payment and event registration.

CATALooK Customization

This DNN module is for high-level product management, order processing, tracking and reporting. CATALooK does “everything”… but it is also a tricky module to customize. For several years, i2Integration has worked with CATALooK, developing customized modifications to meet our client’s specific needs. This has included skin modifications, reporting, database integration and core module customization for the defense industry, retail, non-profit and business-to-business organizations worldwide. If you need help with CATALooK, you just found it.


A well-regarded module for small-to-mid level solutions, i2Integration has installed and customized the SmithCart eCommerce module for various clients over the years.

Credit Card Gateways

Credit card processing is a key element to eCommerce, and is often a process that can be daunting and confusing for those who have never dealt with eCommerce before. For nearly a decade, i2Integration has integrated ecommerce modules with numerous credit card gateways. These have included, Skipjack, PayPal / Pay Flow, E-Way, PSI Gate, MyGate, 2Checkout, and others.



Skin / Theme Development

Whether it's designing a new DNN skin from scratch, modifying an off-the-shelf skin, or training clients how to modify their own skins... we can help.

Designing and Coding Original Skins

From the strategic plan to wireframing, design and coding, we turn our client’s original vision into a finished and powerful DNN skin. To do so takes an experienced team of designers and developers who work together, who know the ins-and-outs of DNN, know what works and what doesn't, and are aware of potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Converting Your Graphic Design Into a Skin

Across the globe we work with organizations and graphic firms who have created a graphic design but need assistance in converting it into a skin.

With our extensive experience comes a well refined efficiency. In a matter of hours we can take your Photoshop files and code them into a skin. We also offer training in skin coding to help those who wish to do it themselves.

Implementing and Customizing DNN Store Skins

As many know, the DNN Store has literally thousands of pre-built skins available and is an extremely cost-effective solution for getting a site up and running quickly. In many cases, organizations may like a particular skin, but want it tweaked to meet their specific need. Having worked with (quite literally) hundreds of skins, i2Integration is uniquely qualified in installing and customizing your skin.



DNN Training

i2Integration provides both on-site and remote training in DNN / Evoq, including content administration, host administration, coding, theme development, custom module development, and server maintenance and support.

For information about our DNN training services, click here.



DNN and iMIS Integration

i2Integration has implemented numerous solutions, tying DNN with iMIS. Recent projects have included:

iMIS Single Sign On

i2Integration created a single sign on provider between DNN and iMIS, integrating the user profile data within iMIS into the DNN user profile system, allowing users to login to the  website using their existing iMIS account, as well as update their user profile data.

Form Processing

i2Integration has created custom modules that "push" information from DNN into iMIS. This has included the development of a "likeness factor" module for the Michigan Association of School Boards. The module allows potential superintendent candidates to fill out a form describing their areas of expertise and education and allow administrators to compare the data entered by the candidates against the preferred answers of a particular district. Submitted data is then pushed out to MASB's internal iMIS database.


i2Integration has created numerous modules that "pull" data from iMIS and display data in DNN. This has included applications such as job directories, member profile data and member directory searches.



DNN and SalesForce Integration

Need help integrating your DotNetNuke website with SalesForce? i2Integration has implemented numerous solutions, tying DNN with the SalesForce CRM.

Recent projects have included:

Single Sign On

i2Integration created a single sign on provider between DNN and SalesForce, integrating the user profile data within SalesForce into the dNNuser profile system, allowing users to login to the website using their existing SalesForce account, as well as update their user profile data.

Fishnet Security Self Service Portal

i2Integration created a module allowing users to seamlessly sign-on to Fishnet Security’s Self Service Portal (SSP) within DNN. The module uses the SalesForce API to authenticate users who have access to the SSP.

Visualization module development

i2Integation created a module, displaying a single visualization of key SalesForce data. This included a gauge display of open tickets, a bar chart display of priority levels of open tickets, and others. Graphs were displayed using Google’s Visualization API and generated dynamically within the DNN website.

Data import

i2Integration created a custom DNN module, allowing data to be imported from Survey Monkey into the appropriate tables within SalesForce, allowing reporting.



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