How can we help? 7 reasons this app rocks for business 7 reasons this app rocks for business

The web developers at i2 never stop impressing me with what they know about the best available technology, which they know not only because it's their job to know, but because they think knowing this stuff is just plain fun."

Recently, I needed to create a flowchart while working away from the office. I had my laptop and I had Internet access, but that particular laptop did not have Microsoft’s Visio flowcharting software installed.

Instead of downloading Visio, which would have taken forever given the living-in-the-woods speed with which I have become accustomed, Sean (i2's director of development) pointed me to a cloud-based flowchart and diagram application called (

Five whole minutes later, having already created my first simple chart, I said aloud: “Damn! THIS is how cloud-based apps should work!”

Here’s why:

1. It’s entirely browser-based. No software to install.

2. No login or registration required. Go to and just go to work. How refreshing – not having to give my email to yet another company.

3. Incredibly easy to use. Drag-and-drop, fast and intuitive.

4. Powerful flowcharting capabilities with tons of objects to use (and you can even create your own).

5. Can save files to your desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

6. Export to PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF.

7. Manage styles, fonts, colors, etc. to make your charts more prettier.

And it’s free, which is great. But what also truly impressed me was how looks and functions like a traditional desktop software app. You would be hard-pressed to spot the difference.

If you need to knock out a quick chart or even something more complex, I recommend give a look.

You were right again, Sean; that was fun.

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