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Analytics: (Eye)-Tracking a Potential Game-Changer

Analytics: (Eye)-Tracking a Potential Game-Changer

It's always a lot of fun to learn about emerging technologies and imagine ways they can become game-changers for our clients. For instance, have you read about the new eye-tracking system from a Swedish company that's being used mostly by the gaming community? When I was introduced to it, my first thought was that eye-tracking could potentially have a huge impact on those of us who do website design. Turns out I wasn't the first to think that. 

As you read this, companies are in the beta stage of developing eye-tracking software that can be used to determine the effectiveness of websites based on where user's eyes travel (or don't).

Right now, the only things analytics can track are what is clickable. But those analytics don't tell us what has been seen, and that information can be huge. The questions – and answers – would be extremely useful to web developers, and ultimately to you. You could get rid of anything that clutters the message – and once and for all, prove to Sonja in Accounting that the dog scampering across your homepage has no tangible value whatsoever and is, in fact, clutter. 

Or are those competing banner ads your website committee insisted on truly doing their job? Is your call-to-action button being seen, or are anyone's eyes making contact with it at all? This is what's coming. The likely result: cleaner, more efficient websites. 

We work very hard to do this now with the tools we have: assure that everything on your site supports your message, so the mission of your site can be fulfilled. Innovations such as eye-tracking software will soon be an added tool beyond click-through analytics.

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