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i2Integration Celebrates Twenty Years in the Web Development Business

i2Integration Celebrates Twenty Years in the Web Development Business
With a video and multimedia business barely off the ground, John Forsberg had a meeting in 1994 with a client when the client mentioned that he would also like a website.

"I said 'Sure.' Then I drove straight to a bookstore and began learning everything I could about website development," Forsberg recalled. "That was our first website."

That one website transformed the direction of the company. Just three years later, i2 partnered with Microsoft, becoming one of the first companies in the U.S. to develop video for the web using Microsoft NetShow, a technology that would become Windows Media.

As they grew, they advanced into more complex programming, system design and application development. To reflect that, the company's name was changed in 1999 from Forsberg Multimedia to i2Integration.

Today, i2's clients come from across the U.S., and include a leading publishing company in New York City, a major southern U.S. retailer, a leading national wireless carrier, non-profits in Washington D.C. and even a veterinary clinic in Key West, Florida.

Forsberg's company has become known for its development and support of a content management system called DNN. To date, they have implemented upward of 500 DNN sites for organizations worldwide.

They also do development and support for Microsoft SharePoint, iMIS, Avectra netFORUM and SalesForce CRM.

"We never stand still," Forsberg said. "One day we might be building an entire e-commerce system for a major retailer, or building a mobile app, or a website redesign. And all that could happen the same day."

Innovation also plays a role. i2 is currently working on a web-based financial projection application for small businesses. 

"It’s a project born out of love (and necessity) when the economy crashed in 2008," Forsberg said. "From a crude app we built in 2008 that quite literally saved our business, we’ve refined into a sleek and powerful tool for small business owners. We’re in the beta stage and plan to roll it out this year or early next. But so far the response has been incredible. We’re pretty geeked about it."

With so many web development companies coming and going, Forsberg said client trust has been paramount to i2Integration's consistent track record.

"We've always been straight with our clients, even if it's not in our best interest," he said. "I don't know how many times we've offered recommendations that made sense for the client that meant us doing nothing at all. I'd rather have a happy client who knows we're looking out for them, because they'll come back – and they have. Do right, and you'll be rewarded."

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