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Your Jobs Page: Is It a Wallflower Or a Social Butterfly?

Your Jobs Page: Is It a Wallflower Or a Social Butterfly?
Are you using your website to display job openings? If so, there are some important elements to consider in addition to the job description. How are candidates learning when openings become available? Why not use your site to not only list job openings but to recruit staff? Here are some tips:

Register for notification. Rather than passively posting the information about the job and waiting for resumes to flood your in-box, allow visitors to register and subscribe, so when a relevant position does open up, they will be automatically notified. There are Content Management Systems that have tools that do just that, that function as full-featured job-management tools. And it’s a lot less expensive to do it that way than to custom-build that functionality.

Is your jobs page mobile responsive? With a younger audience especially this is not only important, it’s essential. Also, is your jobs page tied to social media? Are your postings also going out to outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? i2 can help set your site up to make those links automatically, ultimately making your company more attractive to candidates. 

Are you telling the story of your company’s culture, right down to the benefits of living and working in your area? Placemaking is critical these days. Recent studies have shown that location is far more important with the younger generation. For example, are there bike trails nearby? What restaurants, nightlife, cultural attractions and school districts does your area have to offer? You would be wise to include that, and to include it on your jobs page or somewhere that’s easy to find. Doing this also helps your organization’s web search ranking when you link to those features. 


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