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Review: DMX document management for DNN

Review: DMX document management for DNN
The Document Exchange (DMX) module is an add-on module that can be purchased and installed for those already using the DNN content management system for their internet or intranet websites, or for those who are looking for a full-featured document management solution.

We recently spent several months working with and customizing the DMX module for The Princeton Review, an international test preparation and college admissions service company with several thousand documents. We’re also using and customizing the DMX module for a national legal association. 

Having put this module through its paces and then some, we think associations and other organizations that are either running DNN or are in the market for a document management system would do well to give this module some serious consideration.

DMX key features:

The DMX document management module gives users the ability to specify who can view, edit, add or approve content, document by document. They also can build complex folder structures and categorize them to suit their document management needs, index the contents so users can easily find them and allow users to edit documents online while locking the file to others. It also has drag/drop capability, making file uploading and management much quicker.

DMX handles security very well by changing files to resource files that can’t be opened by going to any direct link on the website. Rather, the module has to decode the file in order to open it. Documents and document categories can be assigned various security roles for administration workflow.

In our opinion, the best part of the DMX module is its Lucene Search Indexer functionality, which allows your users to search content within documents (including PDFs!), and provide easy sorting and grouping of documents into categories with customizable attributes you can assign. 

Shortfalls of the DMX module: 

With the current released version, users cannot search documents based on a date range. The module’s creator posted online quite some time ago that this functionality would be added, but it hasn’t happened yet. 


There’s that famous line… “You had me at hello.” Well, the DMX module had us at the ability to search PDF documents, and do it well. That feature alone makes the DMX module a winner. The module is solid and well-built for large-scale document management. True, it can be tricky to customize, and the lack of a date range search is weird. But the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Link to DMX module:

Module license cost: $249



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