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Do you need a tech advocate? The 50k question

Do you need a tech advocate? The 50k question
Sooner or later your organization will be looking to implement some type of new system, whether that’s a Content Management System, a Client Relationship Management System, an email marketing system, Document Management System or the like. There are so many factors when choosing one over the others, and the choices are seemingly endless, especially with cloud-based varieties. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Today, with a credit card and two minutes, you could install a whole new system for your organization. But is it the right system? Is it going to integrate with your other systems? Is it scalable, so it grows as your organization grows? Can you modify it to make it your own? 

Before making the decision, even before you put out that RFP, it makes all kinds of sense to get the advice of a technology advocate. Just as a healthcare advocate guides you through the maze of choices to find the best medical solution, a tech advocate who has no skin in the game, who gets no reward for recommending one software system over the others but will look at your needs objectively and find the right solution for you. A tech advocate comes in with a toolbelt, not a hammer.

Recently, we determined that a national association looking to implement a particular CMS would outgrow the website the day it went live because that CMS didn’t have the functionality the association needed to tie the website to their member management system. This association was very close to committing 50k to a system that would not have worked for what they wanted right out of the gate. Our team at i2Integration recommended a different CMS, one that gave them more flexibility with the features they needed and the foundation for growth -- for the same cost as the one they had first selected.

There’s obviously a cost associated with engaging with a tech advocate, but false starts or adopting a system that ends up being wrong for your organization is going to end up costing you ten-fold.


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