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Client Analytics: The Next Big Thing

Client Analytics: The Next Big Thing

If your organization is like most, you’ve probably got all these individual components you work with in a given day, clicking back and forth like a mouse-wielding ninja: your website, your client or member database (or both), your email marketing provider, and so on. And you wish there was a way to tie all that data together to get an accurate picture of the true engagement of your clients / members. Instead, you know only that you had X number of views on your website and that X number of people opened your last email newsletter, but none of that is tied to your client database. 


Cue the parting clouds and choir music. i2Integration is building tools to be able to tie all that together. Client analytics: This is going to be “a thing.”


Let’s say your association has an upcoming event. You create a registration page for the website and a Constant Contact campaign to promote it. By implementing these new tools, here are some things you could find out: that associate-level members opened the email, clicked on the link to the website but did not register, but affiliate-level members from Florida opened the email, clicked to the site and did register. Or that a majority of premiere-level members started the registration process but didn’t finish. Maybe affiliate members require a different email campaign? Maybe associate members would rather register by phone? This allows you, in real time, to analyze the data and make informed decisions in the future. And as you capture this data, you establish a level of engagement and track it over time. Wouldn’t that be nice to know when dues time rolls around?


None of this is “out-of-the-box” right now, because everyone is running a different combination of systems, which means it requires some customization via coding. 


Before you ask, no, this won’t require a second mortgage. But when it comes to saving you in more accurate segmented marketing, eliminating false starts, redundancies, errors and inefficiencies created by moving data from one medium to another, it will pay for itself very quickly.


Ten years ago, nobody knew what a content management system was. Now everyone does, and nearly everyone has one. In a matter of years, every website will be doing Client Analytics as a matter of course.


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