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Front-end, Back-end and Why It Matters

Front-end, Back-end and Why It Matters

You need a web development company for your upcoming project. So who do you pick? A critical question to ask is: do you need a front-end developer, a back-end developer, or both? Matching the right company to the right need can make all the difference between your project’s success or failure.


First, what the heck is a front-end and back-end developer?


A front-end developer deals with what the user sees. We’re talking

  • Website design
  • User interface design and experience
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Design coding, including HTML, CSS stylesheets, Javascript, JQuery, etc.



This is everything to do with branding, look-and-feel, consistency and flow. You know: warm and fuzzy.


Then there’s the back-end developer. They come into play when the website “has to do something,” such as

  • Integrate with your CRM or an internal system (inventory, member database, etc.)
  • Establish single sign-on
  • Register, sell, create, process
  • Do custom reporting
  • Capture, push or pull data
  • Mobile app development


This is what we call the “heavy lifting” part of web development. Hardcore geek stuff.


Some website projects need both skill sets, of course. Others need emphasis on only one. For instance, if you’re looking at a refresh of your brand and design, finding a web development company that is weighted toward front-end development will yield better results, whereas that same company might struggle and fail if the project requires complex back-end programming.


Just like in medicine, things have become pretty specialized when it comes to web development -- and for good reason, as the fields of expertise and rate of technology change have become increasingly complex for any one firm. For that reason, some developers today aren’t afraid to partner with others in order to fill in where they are less experienced or staffed.


A successful project all comes down to choosing the right developer, or group of developers. Asking where their specialties are more focused (front-end vs. back-end) will allow you to make a far more informed decision… ultimately saving you time and the green stuff. Not to mention creating a much stronger product in the end.


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