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Open Positions at i2


Web Application Developer

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

Two years or more of web development experience
Solid understanding of C# 
Solid understanding of MVC (4 preferred)
Solid understanding of MS SQL or MySQL
Solid understanding of Entity framework
Solid understanding of CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript
Basic understanding of jQuery, AJAX
Basic understanding of Windows Server 2008+ and IIS 7+
Familiarity with HTML5, XML, DotNetNuke (DNN), SharePoint would be helpful

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Must be able to work effectively on projects in a team development environment.
Familiarity with documenting procedures and work flows.
Associates or equivalent.

Please send a resume to:


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Why You (or that friend of yours) Should Work for a Mom-And-Pop Information Technology Company


Clients love working with us because we’re small, because they get personalized attention and because they value our Michigan-grown work ethic. And those are the same reasons developers and programmers say they want to work for us.


Let’s face it, the big, sexy names in development sometimes offer cars and foosball tables as a way to woo potential workers. And who wouldn’t be tempted by a company car? Thing is -- and I’ve seen this time and time again -- those companies use those carrots because they have to.


It’s easy to get lost in those big companies, and employees are so busy churning out code that their creativity is often stifled, despite the “You’re a part of our family” promises. Not here. We’re big enough to attract some household names to our client list, but small enough that being the one to come up with the creative solution to a common problem could be the start of something beautiful.


And admittedly, our company isn’t developing those super-cool games or apps. What we are doing is helping our clients connect with their clients in vital, necessary ways. And fun isn’t out of the question.


I get asked a lot by young people what kind of person works for me. I always tell them my ideal employee is someone who stayed home all weekend and built something on their own with code, not because it was required but because it was a mountain not-yet climbed. For fun.


Those are the people who excel, who bring awesome ideas to our company, and help us grow together.



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