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“We need our website CMS to connect with…”
“How can we leverage open source for a custom...”
“Would this be more effective as a mobile app?”
“How can we eliminate redundant…”
“When I say secure, I mean it must be insanely secure.”

Helping our clients solve these challenges is what we do. This is what we love.

We are problem solvers, designers, developers, integrators and consultants - all driven by a passion for turning technology into information that makes your life easier.



Why i2

In a word: responsive. Over the past 20 years, i2Integration has designed and implemented well-honed and tested methodologies, systems and policies including Agile development, time, project and document management systems, all working together to ensure project success, minimize risk, meet deadlines and ensure timely and effective client communication throughout the process.



What we're working on right now

Self-Assessment Web Application

For: large non-profit and association client.
Where: Washington, DC

Teacher Evaluation Application

For: technology client.
Where: Pennsylvania

DNN Module Development

For: technology client.
Where: Milwaukee, WI

Learning Management System

For: association client. 
Where: Michigan

Peer Review Application

For: healthcare client.
Where: Michigan

eCommerce Development

For: large retail company.
Where: Virginia

LMS/SSO and AMS Integration
For: large association
Where: Michigan


Read These!

They could save your life. OK, maybe not your life. But they could save your organization countless hours and dollars.

September 2015

It's all about the information. It's all about the information.
“So what does your company do?”  Sounds easy enough to answer, right? Dig deeper, however, and it might be a lot tougher to answer. At least it was for me over the last 20 years I’ve been in business. Here’s a little timeline of how I answered that question as ...
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Drywall dust, cast iron tubs and Agile Development... Drywall dust, cast iron tubs and Agile Development...
This summer my wife and I demolished a third of our house. As in, we tore-it-down-to-the-ground demolished. The goals? To rebuild that section of our little house situated on the banks of the Flat River in Lowell, Michigan with more windows facing the river, a higher ceiling in the ...
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August 2015

I Know What I Did This Summer I Know What I Did This Summer
Pardon my blog blackout; It's been one crazy summer.    In the space of six weeks, i2Integration doubled in size – we're talking staff and revenue. In a three-week period we hired three new rockstar developers, not an easy task when finding a single stellar developer is a once-a-year event at ...
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June 2015

Agile and Scrum walk into a bar… Agile and Scrum walk into a bar…
I’m a big fan of the show “Silicon Valley” on HBO. It’s well-written, funny and very likely the only show you’ll ever see where Agile development methodology and scrum management framework are used as comedic devices.   Yep, it’s geek humor. But the joke also points out (to both the technical ...
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 What are you running at home? What are you running at home?
When it comes to hiring the best technology people, this simple question during the interview process has served me far better over the last 20 years than any HR test or hiring qualification system. Why? Because how a candidate answers this question instantly tells me whether they are simply ...
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