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Make it powerful, easy to navigate, audience driven and built to optimize both SEO and mobile. That’s what we pour into every web redesign.

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Your visitors demand it. From mobile responsive websites, to mobile applications in Android, iOS and Windows... we can get you there.

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Whether you have ten products or ten thousand, we can implement an eCommerce solution that fits your need, and your plan for growth.

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Want an example? We took a website from 2,500 hits per month, to over 9 million. Want to know how? We can help you get there.

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From DNN to SharePoint, SalesForce to iMIS, .NET, Microsoft CRM… the list goes on. We know this stuff and can be a tech shoulder to lean on.

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Who Do We Serve?


Integrating your association website (CMS) with your member database (AMS) is where we shine. From event registration to profile management, single sign-on and more, we have developed web solutions for hundreds of associations across the country. Learn More →


From patient scheduling applications, to document management, public websites, healthcare intranets, forms management and integration between the website and the EMR… when it comes to the web, there’s very little we haven’t built for the healthcare industry. Learn More →


Member portals, websites and custom app development are just a few of the projects we have tackled for the insurance industry over the years. In one example, we saved an insurance client nearly $100K in the first six months of implementing a custom document management system. Learn More →


It’s all about building seamless integration between the website and our client’s systems, including CRM, inventory, accounting, email marketing, analytics, document management, SEO, advertising, custom legacy systems and more. Our clients range from small business to Fortune 500 companies. Learn More →


When building for ecommerce, keeping the customer experience simple, efficient and action-driven is key. For 20 years we have implemented complex ecommerce solutions for companies worldwide, both small (dozens of products) and large (tens of thousands of products). Learn More →


From website and custom application development, to technology-specific support in areas such as .net, DNN, SharePoint and more… we have a long history of providing tailored solutions for local, state and federal government agencies. Learn More →


Featured Posts

    Six End-of-Year Website Must-Dos

    Posted 12/15/2014
    2015 is fast approaching, and it’s time to think about some of the “big picture” elements that keep your organization’s website performing at its full potential. So much more goes into the care and feeding of your site than adding new content. 

    1. SEO review / analytics -- The saying ‘What you don’t know can hurt you’ is certainly true when it comes to website optimization. What kind of traffic is your site getting? Which pages are the most popular? Which keywords are most people using to find your site? What SEO methods are working and what aren’t? Evaluate the marketing efforts of the website by looking at the traffic, and adjust as needed.
    2. CMS upgrade -- Have there been updates to the system, and are they minor or critical? If you don’t know the answer to that question, at least now you know enough to ask your developer!
    3. Content refresh -- Like a New Years resolution to lose weight, it is a good idea to edit and remove “extra pounds” of old or irrelevant content at least once a year, if not once a month. It’s particularly efficient at the end of year when you are doing your annual marketing and sales strategy. This ties in with an SEO review, which will help point you in the direction of what you should be working on. This also works in the reverse; if your site needs to gain pounds anywhere, this is the time to bulk up.
    4. Review competitor/comparable websites -- You probably did this when your site was last designed, but when is the last time you looked at, say, your top 5 competitors’ sites? What are they doing on the order of features, content and capabilities? Does your site include everything it could in those areas?
    5. Mobile test -- If you went through a redesign recently to make your site mobile, you probably tested how it looks and performs on different devices. But if you haven’t done it in a while, you should know there have been updates to browsers and operating systems that could greatly affect the way your site works for mobile users. 
    6. Book a review meeting -- When is the last time all the key players in your organization got together to talk about your website? This is a good time to review what is working and what isn’t. Put together a wish list of where to go from there, prioritize with a Level I, II and III and determine what your budget can address.

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We are designers, developers, integrators, marketers and consultants - all passionately driven to help our clients succeed with their website development, mobile, eCommerce and technology needs.


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  • The i2integration organization is responsive. An email or telephone contact is promptly returned and we are never handed off from one person or department to the next.
    Minnesota Auto Dealers Association
  • You’ve been responsive, patient, helpful and best of all – you’ve figured out every issue in a timely manner. Thank you! Thank you!
    Edupoint Educational Systems
  • i2Integration is honest and bids the jobs at really fair rates. They are sharp!
    Michigan Association of School Boards
  • i2Integration couldn't have been more professional, and the fact that they understand associations, and what we do, was crucial.
    Construction Association of Michigan
  • i2Integration set themselves apart from the other companies bidding on the project by offering complete information on the time and resources necessary to complete our project as well as being open to new technologies and including me in every phase of development.
    Sparrow Health System

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