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We are i2Integration, a nationally reaching information technology company focused on helping our customers integrate, optimize and connect their business for over 20 years.






What We Are Known For


Designing and implementing technology vehicles into a seamless, integrated experience/solution.

A Few of Our Successes

A regional healthcare organization: increased website traffic from 2,500 hits per month to over 9 million

Health insurance firm: saved client $100,000 in the first four months of implementing a custom document management system

Fortune 500 publishing firm: rescued a failing intranet project, optimized their site and decreased load times by 92%

Association: rescued a failing LMS project, moving the client over to an open-source LMS for half the cost with single sign-on capability




What we're working on right now

SalesForce Integration

For: automaker client.
Where: Detroit, MI

Teacher Evaluation Application

For: technology client.
Where: Pennsylvania

Web Application Development

For: state government.
Where: Lansing, MI

Learning Management System

For: association client. 
Where: Michigan

Peer Review Application

For: healthcare client.
Where: Michigan

eCommerce Development

For: large retail company.
Where: Virginia




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From application development to website design, single sign-on to mobile apps, we are the people to turn to when you need to grow, integrate, optimize and connect your business.

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